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Xinxiang! Big rescue!

Publisher:Zhejiang Chengshi | Time:2021-07-26

Action frontline

From22 After arriving at the front line of the disaster area in Zhengzhou, Henan Province with the Pinghu Shuguang rescue team on the morning of the day, they received instructions to leave Zhengzhou and rushed to Xinxiang City to start. A new round of rescue.

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When everyone’s eyes are focused In the provincial capital Zhengzhou, another area in Henan——Xinxiang is actually more serious than Zhengzhou. At present, communist canal, Weihe River, Weihui, Dakuai, Huixian, and Genghuang Town of Fengquan District are all in a hurry. The Weihe River flows back, the reservoir bursts, the village is besieged, and the people are trapped......The disaster made our rescue team Tensed their nerves, they dared not stop running on the front line.

Start flood fighting work

The people in the disaster area hold on, and the people’s soldiers and social rescue teams are here! We are with the people in the disaster area! The moments of water, food, and power outages, isolation and helplessness no longer exist! The six-person volunteer team of Chengshi Robots cooperated with the Suguang Rescue Team to fight on the front line. They went to the most severely disaster-stricken villages to help the trapped people move.


The eminent staff at the scene were physically exhausted to the limit but they said :"We are tired, but after seeing the trapped people come ashore, they seem to be full of strength again! The people in the disaster area have been working hard, and we have to double it Work hard!"


In front of the disaster, they did not hesitate or retreat. They showed their actions to advance and retreat together with the victims.


God Bless Henan, God bless Zhengzhou, God bless Xinxiang! Our strength is small, but we are still exerting strength!

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