Safety and life-saving system in urban lake waters

The water rescue system is tailor-made for public environments where drowning accidents are frequent, such as parks, lakes, riverside trails, piers, and water parks.

  • Seize the golden
    rescue opportunity

  • Simple operation
    and effective operation

  • Intelligent anti-theft

System component configuration

U-shaped intelligent lifebuoy
  • Strong mobility
    Remote control operation, speed ≥24km/h, return home with one button, more accurate rescue.
  • Safer
    The double-sided suction pump is propelled by water absorption (patented technology), which is not easy to inhale foreign objects.
  • Powerful motivation
    Manned speed ≥ 2m/s, realizing fast and stable rescue.
未标题-1.pngIntelligent lifebuoy emergency box
  • Convenient
    Solar charging ensures the emergency use of lifebuoy.
  • Safety
    Alarm lights, cabinet door locks and safety locks are set to facilitate emergency management.
  • Protect
    The box body is sturdy, which guarantees the long-term use effect of the lifebuoy.

Application scenario

It is arranged on the shore of densely populated water bodies such as park lakes, riverside trails, piers, and water parks. An emergency box is placed at intervals of about 300m and placed in a location that is easily reached by patrol personnel.

Expansion plan


Nearshore semi-autonomous life-saving system for urban lakes

Application scenarios: park lakeside, riverside trail, dock, water park

  • 01
    When the staff found that someone had fallen into the water, the staff quickly rushed to the nearest placement box.
  • 02
    The staff takes out the U-shaped smart life buoy from the U-shaped placement box. After the U-shaped smart life buoy enters the water, the U-shaped smart life buoy will automatically turn on, and through remote control, it will quickly approach the person who fell into the water for rescue.
  • 03
    Bring the person who fell into the water back to safety.
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