Underwater search and rescue reconnaissance robot

Underwater search and rescue reconnaissance robot

Powerful underwater search capability + Excellent maneuverability

It can locate and search for fallen (drowning) persons, sunken ships, vehicles and objects in rivers, rivers, lakes, deep-water docks, power stations, reservoirs and other areas and assist in salvage work.
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Good individual portability

The volume is only 450*330*265mm, the weight is only 13kg, and it is equipped with a wheeled flight case, which can be carried by a single person.

High-definition video

Equipped with SONY 8 million pixels, 1080P low-light camera.

Strong positioning ability

Equipped with flow positioning function, it can stably maintain the position of the robot under the action of water flow or external force, which is convenient for operation.

High brightness lighting

Equipped with four 1500 lm underwater LED lights, which can be used for reconnaissance in all black water.


With 6 vector thrusters, the water speed can reach 2m/s (4 knots), and the search and rescue efficiency is high.  


Automatic flight

HD imaging

Automatic depth setting

Function expansion

It can be equipped with modules such as manipulator, scanning sonar, and imaging sonar to meet the needs of different scenarios.

Product physical map

Static display
Static display
Static display
Static display

Underwater search and rescue reconnaissance robot

The product is full of power and has a long continuous operation time

Product parameter



Video camera

1080P low illumination color camera

Working water depth


Vertical thruster




Horizontal thruster


Cable breaking strength


Cable buoyancy

Neutral cable


4 sessions (2 m/s)


4*1500lm high brightness underwater LED light

Product Qualification

The underwater search and rescue reconnaissance robot has passed the inspection and test of the National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and other authoritative organizations, and obtained the corresponding inspection report.

Application scenario case

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