U-shaped intelligent life buoy

U-shaped intelligent life buoy

Fast travel speed + Fast deployment + Precise positioning + Auxiliary control + One-key return to home + Remote control

U-shaped intelligent life buoy is used to replace the rescuer to save drowning person, and it is used to make up for the defects of the existing life buoy,which cannot throw to the right spot accurately.

The buoy can also provide prompt rescue to drowning person in the first place, greatly reducing the risk of the rescuers who swim to save people blindly.


GPS+ Beidou real-time location

Automatic on-off switch

Automatic roll over

Automatic adjust cruise route

Automatic return by one key

Automatic return after losing connection

Expanded function

It can be equipped with professional equipment such as camera, intercom, life jacket and emergency light to meet the requirements of different scenarios.

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Fast deploy

Weighed as little as 15kg, our product is small and light and consequently can be easily used by one single person. At the same time, we are equipped with water sensor switch(no physical on-off switch), which can automatically turn on the machine once it falls into water.

Fast speed

The intelligent life buoy is 3 to 10 times faster than the rescuers in the water and can respond immediately to emergencies.

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The operation is simple

One-hand remote control.Rescuers do not need to jump into the water and can accurately control the life buoy route to carry out rescue.

Safe propulsion

Usage of jet pump propulsion makes sure that no propeller is exposed to users, a design to provide safety to the drowning person and, at the same time, avoid the possibility that weeds and other debris in the water entangled with the propellers. Moreover, our product can automatically roll over to the right the position after been capsized.



Can adapt to the such different rescue scenarios as sea, river, lake and other water field.

Product physical map

Static display
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High altitude drop
Waters Demonstration
Water rescue

U-shaped intelligent lifebuoy

Accurate positioning to achieve fast and safe rescue

Product parameter



Remote Control Range




Motor power

4kw (2kw*2)

Unloaded speed

6.7m/s (24km/h)

Max Payload


Loaded Speed

2m/s (7.2km/h)

Max buoyancy


Battery time


Drive form

Jet pump propulsion

Power Source

2 lithium-ion batteries

Max Dropheight


Product Qualification

U-shaped intelligent life buoy has passed the inspection and test of China Classification Society(CCS), Wuhan Ship Survival Equipment Quality Inspection and Test Center, National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and other authoritative institutions, and has obtained the corresponding test reports and certifications.

Application scenario case

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