Tracked emergency rescue robot

Tracked emergency rescue robot

Non-line-of-sight remote operation + Strong ground adaptability

In fire fighting and emergency rescue, it can replace fire rescue personnel to enter the scene of flammable, explosive, toxic, oxygen-deficient, dense smoke and other dangerous disaster accidents, and carry out fire fighting and rescue work such as fire fighting, smoke suppression, smoke exhaust, detection, and cooling. At the same time, the data collection, processing and feedback of the accident scene are carried out.


The pure electric drive crawler chassis is flexible to operate. It uses a large-capacity and high-efficiency lithium battery pack, which can drag two full water belts for 100 meters.

Strong function expansion

According to actual use requirements, a variety of functional tops can be added to form robots such as fire extinguishing, fire smoke exhaust, fire reconnaissance, and nuclear environment detection to enrich product uses.

Low information transmission delay

The information transmission delay is low, less than 250ms, and the collected accident site environmental information can be returned in real time and the remote control operation signal can be received.

Long range of radar detection (optional)

The millimeter-wave radar can penetrate the environmental interference of the accident site such as smoke and water mist, and detect various obstacles and their distribution within 30 m around the robot.

Strong ground adaptability

It can cross the obstacle 150mm vertically and climb the slope of 20°, which can adapt to the complex ground environment of the accident site and come and go freely at the accident site.  


Image acquisition

Two-way voice

LED lighting

Audible alarm

Spray cooling

Function expansion

It can be equipped with modules such as smoke exhaust module, gas detection, infrared detection, and autonomous navigation to meet the needs of different scenarios.

Product physical map

Static display
Static display
Static display
Static display

Tracked emergency rescue robot

It can replace fire rescue personnel to enter the scene of dangerous disasters such as flammable, explosive, toxic, hypoxic, dense smoke, etc.

Product parameter





Overall quality


Lateral overturning angle


Minimum ground clearance


Remote control distance


Walking speed


Video transmission distance


Vertical obstacle height


Video signal delay


Application scenario case

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