Water Rescue Robot (Xiao jin long)

Water Rescue Robot (Xiao jin long)

Fast delivery + Fast speed + Long distance + Accurate arrival + Advance safety + Strong water surface adaptability

Under the remote control of operators, the water lifesaving robot can carry rescue goods and reach to the trapped person swiftly, a convenience that enable us to arrange such rescue missions as drowning rescue, flood rescue, deliverance in isolated islands and etc..

Automatic on-off switch

Automatic roll over

Automatic adjust cruise route

Automatic return by one key

Automatic return after losing connection

Expanded function

It can be equipped with professional equipment such as camera, intercom, life jacket and emergency light to meet the requirements of different scenarios.

PCimg2s1.png PCimg2s1.png

Deploy quickly

Our product is equipped with water sensor switch(no physical on-off switch), which can automatically turn on the machine once it falls into water and hence can be deployed promptly.

Rapid speed

With strong power, our robot can reach unloadedspeed up to 12.5m/s and can rapidly reach to the right spot of the accident.  

PCimg2s3.png PCimg2s3.png

Long distance control

One hand remote control.remote control distance can reach to as far as 1.2km.


Remote control provides great convenience to the operation. Rescuers do not need to jump into the water and can accurately control the robot route to carry out rescue.

Safe prolusion

Usage of jet pump propulsion makes sure that no propeller is exposed to users, a design to provide safety to the drowning person and, at the same time, avoid the possibility that weeds and other debris in the water entangled with the propellers. Moreover, our product can automatically roll over to the right the position after been capsized.

Water adaptability

Our product can resist water wave as quick as up to 10m/s, and can adapt to various undercurrents and torrents. Our robot can be used in such circumstance as shallow rivers and stream alike environments, and have access to as shallow as 15cm water surface. We have designed a metal grating to prevent the debris or weeds from being sucking into the jet propeller, and the grating clearance is less than 3mm to act as a filter to protect the inter structure. In this way, we can greatly improve the working life of our protect and adapt our product to various water conditions. 

Product physical map

Static display
Static display
Static display
Static display

Surface rescue robot

The lower part is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is abrasion-resistant and impact-resistant

Product parameter



Storm Resistance

2 m/s

Net weight (without battery)


Max save number of people

8 person

Max speed


Motor power


Self-righting Time


Max Payload


Battery time


Max buoyancy


Power source

Lithium ion battery

Drive form

Jet propulsion

Remote Control Range


Max Drop height

25 meters

Product Qualification

The water lifesaving robot has passed the inspection and test of China Classification Society(CCS), Wuhan Ship Survival Equipment Quality Inspection and Test Center, National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and other authoritative institutions, and has obtained the corresponding test reports and certifications

Application scenario case

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