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The typhoon "fireworks" is approaching, and Chengshi Robotics will help frontline life-saving personnel!

Publisher:Zhejiang Chengshi | Time:2021-07-24


According to Zhejiang Meteorological Observatory, This year’s 6 Typhoon "Fireworks" (typhoon-level), the center was located approximately southeast of Xiangshan County, Zhejiang Province at 05:00 on the 24th. The 485 kilometers south of the East China Sea, that is, 25.8 degrees north latitude, 124.6 degrees east longitude, level 13 (40 m/s), 960 hPa.

Expected" "Fireworks" will move to the west at a speed of about 15 kilometers per hour . The intensity will increase and gradually approach the coast of Zhejiang Province. It is most likely that the coastal area of north-central Zhejiang Province will land, and the intensity will gradually weaken after landing, and it may turn around and move less in Zhejiang Province.

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The hazards of "fireworks"

Zhejiang Meteorological Bureau in< /span>7At 10:30 on the 23rd, the major meteorological disaster (typhoon) business service level III emergency response will be adjusted to II Level .

1. Gale

24By the 26th, Zhejiang coastal The maximum wind gusts on the sea surface can reach levels 12 to 14.

2. Rainstorm

"Fireworks" will cause torrential rains in eastern Zhejiang, partly heavy rains, and local heavy rains.

3. Storm surge

The largest possible is less than25From the afternoon to the early morning of the 26th, it made landfall on the north-central coast of our province (typhoon-level or strong typhoon-level when it landed).


Genshi in action

The Chengshi robot responded quickly, Organize and mobilize personnel at the first time to send the "U type intelligent lifebuoy to relevant departments, and train firefighters overnight. Responding to the upcoming typhoon "fireworks".




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