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The deputy director of Jiaxing Civil Defense Office investigated the Civil Defense Dawn Rescue Center, and Chengshi Robot was highly affirmed!

Publisher:Zhejiang Chengshi | Time:2021-08-12

8In the afternoon of the 11th, Liang Xingfu, deputy director of the Jiaxing Civil Defense Office, visited the Suguang Emergency Rescue Center of Pinghu City to investigate and guide the work of the Civil Defense Suguang rescue team. Shen Jianlin, the deputy director of the Pinghu Construction Bureau, accompanied the investigation.


Learn more about rescue team work

The two leaders inspected the working environment and rescue equipment at the daily office of the rescue team, and learned about the team’s composition and organization Discipline, daily training, party branch building, team activities, etc., and understand the specific situation of Henan flood relief and the role played by the water rescue robot provided by Zhejiang Chengshi Robot Co., Ltd. and the post-disaster eradication and epidemic prevention robot in Henan flood relief. He Honghai, secretary of the rescue party branch and chairman of the board, gave a detailed report on the team's development history, the main rescue operations involved, civil defense drills, and disaster prevention and mitigation.


Affirmation and requirements

In the survey, Liang Xingfu expressed admiration for the rescue team’s commitment to charity and selfless dedication, and the dawn of civil defense As an important rescue team for the civil air defense system of Jiaxing City and Pinghu City, the rescue has been fully affirmed by its active participation in various cross-regional operations, rescues, drills and other deeds of the civil air defense system over the years. At the same time, Sugon Rescue is required to carefully organize and arrange rationally to use its own technical advantages. , And make every effort to cooperate with the Pinghu Civil Air Defense Office to participate in the major exercises in the second half of the year.


Technology powers rescue

Chengshi robot water rescue The excellent performance of the equipment in helping Henan and fighting against the typhoon"Fireworks" was affirmed by the two leaders. To build a smart city with smart rescue and improve the safety and life-saving system of urban waters, we must not only rely on the dedication of rescuers, but also get the help of science and technology!

The eminent staff present said: As a technology company that provides more practical, more reliable and economical intelligent equipment and system solutions for emergency rescue and other special industries, Chengshi Robotics is our mission."Let rescue no longer pay the price of life"!



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